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Billy Bussey

What sources have you used to learn the programs you used to
make your site?

I really don't use any sources other then the help files that come along with each program. In the past I tried a few books, but they never seemed to help. I occasionally will go to flashkit for a weird actionscript problem, but other than that I tend to just play with programs until I get a feel for how they work.

What was the most difficult or time-consuming portion of your
current V2 design?

I created most of the site fairly quickly, and really spent the majority of the time fixing it up, and putting the final touches on everything. I tend to spend way too much time on the small imperfections I continually notice. For example, the main interface animation...I created the actual model very quickly, but I obsessed over the lighting forever, I probably worked on the lighting 10 times longer than I did anything else on that model. I guess the most difficult thing is being satisfied with any particular portion of the site, especially the 3d renders.

What advice can you give fellow developers and artists that has
helped you throughout the years in terms of experience and getting
things done correctly?

Try to have fun working. For me web design is the coolest profession there is, and if I can enjoy my work, and continue to make stuff I like, I'll eventually get better than I am now. A lot of young developers get frustrated early and lose motivation. I believe it's important to not let other peoples work get you down, it's a terrible habit to compare your work to others, just do your thing and stay

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now or what are your
future plans?

I have absolutely no idea where I will be. If you asked me the same question 5 years ago I would say I'd be working on some TV show in LA editing video. I plan to keep making stuff like I am now, for as long as I possibly can. I really don't mind staying freelance, or joining a development team fulltime. I enjoy making any sort of multimedia, and as long as the work keeps coming I will continue to make it.

Do you think there is a 3D company out there with software that
will likely take over the Internet, much in the same way Flash did?

No, the 3d programs are all so good, and have been around for so long that no one program could take over. When flash first came out it was perfect timing on macromedias behalf. There was nothing like it, and as the internet changed Flash seemed to fit in even more. The only competitor for flash has been Adobe Live Motion, which we know didn't [affect] flash much. There are 3d artists that can make great stuff with lightwave, 3ds max, or maya, it doesn't really matter which program they use.

What is the best, most imaginative website that you have ever
visited? i.e. What single website absolutely blows you away?

Definitely kirupa.com!!! jk I don't know if a
website has ever "blown me away" but gmunks work (which isn't really
websites) is the best I've ever seen, he was doing stuff that would blow
people away now...back in 2000.

What/who are your sources of inspiration?
I always have a hard time finding real inspiration, I think total boredom is probably my biggest motivator. I find that if I've hit a dry spell, the best thing to do is just sit down and try to make something new, try experimenting a little, after a few hours of that I'm inspired to start working again. When I'm fresh out of ideas I usually go to trailers or movies for some cool ideas.

If you were given the chance to meet one person, past or
present, who would it be and why?

I'd want to meet Billy Bussey in like 1982, I think it would be cool to babysit the 5 year old version of yourself for a day. Although I bet I was a pretty boring kid, I would probably just sit there all day and not say anything...then the current version of me would get mad because I wasted my "meet anyone" wish on a kid who isn't even fun...then I would resent myself for the rest of my life. Man that would suck!

Many of your pictures feature you wearing a cap and/or an atari
t-shirt. Is there a reason behind that?

I think all of my pictures have that same combination. I love white hats, they seem to go with everything. I have a shaved head, and I probably look a little scary without a hat on, so I wear it most of the time. The Atari shirt just fits nice, it's a vintage "Atari computers" T-shirt from the 80s that a friend got for me online. I took all the V2 photos the same day, which is why all the photos on the site have me sporting it. Plus ATARI RULES!!!

Thanks for letting me talk about myself for so long :)


Thanks again to Billy Bussey for agreeing to answer the questions* we all had for him. Thanks also to the members Phil Jayhan, naliwarcow, grimdeath, and the rest who helped provide the questions for this interview.

* one question was repeated; kirupa points the finger at kirupa for that error!


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