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Thread: Heavy PHP and mysql project.

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    Heavy PHP and mysql project.

    I need to build a community based site....something similar to deviant art in functionality but not as advanced in some areas and more advanced in some. I have this posted on R.A.C and S.L at the moment. But I would like to open it up to our members that feel they are qualified.

    This project is not an easy one and the person needs to be well versed in PHP and be able to handle deadlines. I will be running the project with Sitespring so deadlines are very important (also I need a person who can think creative and be proactive in thought process because I lack PHP experience). Email me with your quotes, questions and past works. Oh and this is a paid project, with excellent opportunity for more work than you can Nah but there will be lots more work and enhancements in the future. Only serious folks contact me please nathan at deepixel dot com .

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    Hey man, my time is limited but I'd be more then happy to put in 10-15 hours a week.

    Lemme know if that can work for you.

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