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Thread: How about having After Effects Tutorials/Forum?

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    How about having After Effects Tutorials/Forum?

    Hi !!

    Since Adobe After Effects is a really good program and could be used my Flash users to get some stunning effects, what do u guys think about having tutorials and forum for Adobe After Effects??

    Please share you views

    Mr.Flash MX

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    lol 15 views and no YES or NOs ?

    say something people....

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    yes i agree but i really doubt that people spend a few few G's to use After Effects for flash, its more media surely either that or its all a wase of money.

    yes anyway, but with it being so expensive i doubt many will 'yes' it.

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    i dont see much AE talk on the forum. there are a few here and there in drawing and design but dunno if its enough for an entire section devoted to it. I may be wrong. Its a good idea

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    First you get the tutorials.
    Then you get the forum.
    And then you get the women.
    A wise words spoken by that guy from that movie that everybody quotes

    In order to have an AE forum, there needs to be tutorials on that topic. A forum that has no backbone with tutorials and content relating to that will not get much traffic

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    we were gonna have some 3d tuts too but no one made any
    so the idea was abandoned
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    I think I am gonna try to learn how to use After Effects this summer, if I get good enough to write a tutorial, I sure will


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    i dont think we need to seperate drawing & design or have another forum from AE. its really a design / motion design application used with flash in terms of webdesign, its following is not that large to have its own sub thread i think dd is just fine for it.

    I started creating tutorials a while ago and tried to get a few other people on board to create some.. ditt0 chipped in and we planned to create more but work and life has consumed us both, i actually havent seen ditt0 on the boards for a while (which is a real shame ), so for future tutorials from me its really when i can find time.
    It would be great if more people can contribute to creating AE tutorials, so im all for the ae tutorial creations but in terms of a seperate forum i think its over-kill.

    btw: make sure if you do create some tutorials that they dont just repeat the tutorials that are already existing.

    good luck.

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    off topic:

    Quote Originally Posted by kirupa
    First you get the tutorials.
    Then you get the forum.
    And then you get the women.
    Has that been working for you kman?

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    if you have seperate forum peoplewill go to it knowing whats inside... drawing and design its anything so maybe ae people wont go knowing that its not all ae... err..

    I can easily say that there are no AE forums online.... popular ones....

    We have large flow of traffic going through kirupa... we can start something here...

    3d forums/ tutorials... I'm pretty good at 3d.... and kirupa having a 3d content is useless imo. There is alrdy a large community of sites dedicated to 3d animation.

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    its not going to happen upon request, like kirupa said, start making tutorials then you get the forum then the ..... uhh women? .. lol anyway.

    tutorials first then dedicated forum next, otherwise its not going to happen.

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