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Thread: Pixel Vineyard Award Partners Wanted

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    Pixel Vineyard Award Partners Wanted

    Hello all designers and programmers. I am currently deveoping a new site that will offer web awards for design. I am going to want something like Dopeawards, Strangefruits, Cwd, only unique and stylish and simple. I am going to be assisting in the development process but would love any PHP, ASP, and design help I could get(simple stuff).

    I run a virtual private server so the hosting and whatnot is taken care of at a high bandwidth. I am going to be placing very small and very subtle google ads somwhere in the page. If you can help I can make you a partner on the project and split some of the profits with you.

    I want to help spread good work and award those doing great stuff out there. Anyone who would be interested in a the same thing I invite you to jump on board!

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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    I am interested in that project
    Indeed I am only good at pixel art and flash
    If you would accept my partnership I can help with a little profit.

    Do you have any other partner with you, now?
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    cool! email me or IM me:
    kona13k ( AIM )

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    OK I have mailed you
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    goodluck with the project

    It takes alot of work to keep somthing like this going, I have been running dope for 2 years now and trust me it takes alot of your time, but so long as your willing to put forth the time and effort, your project will be very successfull I hope to be seeing your awards linked up in the future!!

    have fun and goodluck!!


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    Thanks for your advises
    I hope our project would work...
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    I dont mind helping out, im not a flasher but a designer, PM me if interested.

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