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Thread: Simple Invoice System using JAVA and MySQL

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    Simple Invoice System using JAVA and MySQL

    I need a JAVA programmer to create an simple invoice system that will contain the following:

    Use MYSQL as a database

    A client database. Be able to know how much a client has purchased up to date.
    A product database
    A invoice database. Keep invoice history.

    Those 3 dababases or tables (depending on how you program it) should interact together.

    Ability to print invoices
    Ability to create backups.

    I will request the source files. This is basically all the important parts of this simple invoice system. How much would you guys charge me to create this system?

    Any offers?
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    can we have a chat? msn/aim/yim/icq?

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    Does this have to be written in java? if not then I'm interested.

    edit I know you said you'd like it to be, just curious if there is a reason it has to be written in java?

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    oh, if not, i've got an already finished project just like that from about a year ago. it does exactly the stuff you want it to do but it's written in vb6. i made it for a big grocery-store i used to work

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    I wanted it written in Java because I know very basic JAVA and wanted to look at the source code to see how you did it. I would accept other programming languages as long as they are not getting deprecated.

    Darkchild, since you already have the program I would like to see it. If I like it, I will pay you to send me the source code, the executable, and explain me how to use it. You will probably have to do some small tweaks so it can become exactly as the customer wants it. How much would you charge me?

    Oh, and if someone wants to chat about it. You can find me at MSN Messenger

    NOTE: I will edit this posting soon to delete the hotmail email address.

    I would like to discuss:
    • What language will it be written on
    • What database do you use
    • If I can see the source code
    • If I can be able to see other of your programs to see your experience, and if possible and if you already have a similar program, I would like to see the executable
    • How long you it take you to finish the project
    • What would be the price
    • Where are you from

    Please let me know soon.
    "You are playing a very dangerous game"
    "Change always is"

    Creativo Development

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    Darkchild, tell me about your program.
    "You are playing a very dangerous game"
    "Change always is"

    Creativo Development

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    i can write the program using java..but unfortunately i won't be available until 25th April, since i'm occupied with 2 other programs right now. But if you can wait until then, and you're not in hurry for the program i can write the program for you.

    i can write the program to fulfil all your requirements, including the usage of mysql database. Just one question, what do you mean by the ability to create backups? Does it mean the program can create another copy of the data inside the database, and store it in another location?

    If you're interested, I can be reached at

    Btw i'm from malaysia.

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