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Thread: Problems exporting from Captivate to Flash MX 2004

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    Problems exporting from Captivate to Flash MX 2004

    I've got a Captivate project that is 120 slides long. When I export it to Flash, Flash is only able to import the first 70 slides, then I get an error and the rest of the library items and frames from the remaining 50 slides don't show up. First of all, are there any suggestions on how to fix this?

    If not, what I'm trying to do is break the Captivate file up into 2 files, then importing it into 2 different Flash files. Then I work on the Flash files, slowly bringing in the library items from the second file to the first and re-creating the animation by hand. It's taking forever. Any suggestions on how to speed this up? I quick way to combine the two .fla files with the second beginning at the end of the first?

    I think this would be solved if I could import the Captivate .cp files on Flash MX 2004 for the Mac, but when I try to import, the .cp files are greyed out. Is there any way possible to import this type of file on the Mac?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've been up all night trying to get this done.


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    I'd also be glad to compensate anyone who wants to try downlading my Captivate file, importing it into Flash, and sending me back the FLA with all slides intact. I don't think the file is all that big (16mb), it might just be an issue with my PC. if interested.

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