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Thread: photoshop battle

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    photoshop battle

    i noticed that some of you guys are into photoshop, id be willing to battle some people
    freestyle abstract stuff is my speciality.
    i just wanna see the extent of talent here.
    nothing really serious

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    How about a battle with the moderator?
    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    Oh DAM..ur gonna battle DAN....BATTLE DAN!!! i am eager to see this

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    "dem sound like fightin words"

    im up for a ps battle, lets get some rules goin


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    Theme: Make your own solar system wallpaper
    Programs: Any programs that will help you make a still image.
    Size: No smaller than 1024x768
    Time: 10 days (November 25th)

    Good luck!
    I'll Eat All the Babies!

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    solar system.....

    sounds grand. hopefully more people will join this battle, its no fun when its just afew. this is a great part of the forum, its cool to see other peoples work,


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    hmm well i guess i would have to resign on this one, a solar sytem is just a little out of my reach.

    attached is something that i whipped up real quick to show you more of the stuff that i do.
    i know that im not that good, but i hope that doing some battle will better my skills

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    i'm in and will post my submission shortly!


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    my entry
    not the right size but looked very ugly as 1024X768
    i have no experience working with 3d shapes and the likes so what i did was make an opaque circle the gave it a gradient and then gave it a 3d transform and rotated it a tad then i put a lens flare behind it
    then i decided it didnt look 3d enough so i gave it a neon glow then i put a radial blur on it.

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    sweet....maybe u should add in more planets! its supposed to be the solar system...

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    ya, just wanted to see what you guys thought, being that im a virgin to this area

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    not bad.

    that didnt look bad at all, like the last post said, just add some planets, play around with some of the filters, remember 3d on a 2d screen isnt really 3d, just play around.
    i should prolly start my "solar system" ill get it in when i finish it. well il be off.

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    oh boy oh boy oh boy!I think this battle is going to be good because the topic is so easy yet so hard because you can let your imagination run wild in space! I've seen tons of space pics on net... the effects possible and creativity possible during this battle is endless so thats why i think it will be a defining battle for this section of the forum. The possibilites with planets truly is amazing....Kaotic created a nice image even though he is a newbie...imagine the xperts and watnot, i'm eager to see what everyone is making *peeks over Ryan's shoulder*

    edit: it was kaotic who said he was a virgin to this area himself so i am in no way dissing him, but that kaotic.jpeg water ripple thing is awsome...just wanted to clarify becuz some people are probably itching to get a fight started...or maybe i'm paranoid.
    Last edited by Makaveli; November 16th, 2002 at 12:28 AM.

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    im glad oyu like it
    im working on one right now that has multiple pplanets in it, but i just cant seem to get a decent looking sun behind them and give it all a good lighting effect
    *rips out hair

    im also very eager to se what the others have in store for me
    Last edited by Agent99; November 16th, 2002 at 12:35 AM.

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    You do know that once you submit it is officially submitted right?

    I don't believe you can submit, make changes and submit again :-\

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