I have a scenario I need some input on if anyone could be so kind...hopefully it makes sense...

I have a Flash movie file, and I have 5 large 'external' SWF files being called. There are 5 buttons in the main movie, each one when clicked needs to load it's proper exteranl MC into the main movie (ie button 1 loads/plays MC1.swf)

...but, it needs to start each each external clip at Frame 2, so it can't just load the movie on frame 1 and go...

so far I have something like this, but obviously its not right..it's only calling and loading the external clip, but not goign to frame 2 like I want it:

on (release) {

How do I code the buttons to do that properly?

Also, is there a way to preload those external clips right off the bat?

Thanks for any help...