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Thread: vBulletin Skin

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    vBulletin Skin

    Hello Everyone

    I have a site here and this is my other skin, here, I would like a new total skin, better than this amazing one here, I would need some serious work with some flash and photoshop rendering, some experience in the "vbulletin" and forum coding knowlegde may need to be availble for anyone to make this. I can pay via paypal

    Any questions email or or post here as a reply or pm me or msn me

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    hmmm, i can do. Check out I designed the skin.

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    Do you think you can match my requirements and make better than that I would like some flash, definatley the logo so people cant right click and save the image, ive had trouble with this type of copyright infringement on my site. And JK Rowlings lawyer team stated as long as I dont say I own Harry Potter or mention anything about the copyright of the books my site is fine so the skin designer is fine aswell

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    i sent you an email at your gmail account

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    Thankyou I have replied, how did you see my email lol

    Edit : I posted it in the thread - DOY! lol
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    tell me whats up on this job

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