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Thread: phpMyAdmin.. help getting started

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    phpMyAdmin.. help getting started

    okay.. so i'm pretty confused.
    i "seem" to have phpmyadmin installed correctly, but i dont think i installed it in the right place. since i can only view php files locally from my "private" or "public" folders, i made a copy of the whole phpMyAdmin folder, and placed a copy of it in my "private" folder.. something tells me thats not right.. but at least i can view the phpMyAdmin web interface.

    if anybody could clear that up for me, i'd appreciate it..
    but more importantly, now that its installed.. how do i go about making a database?

    could anybody list the steps of creating one using phpmyadmin? i saw a partial example in another thread.. but it was for editing an existing db. the SIMPLEST example would be appreciated..

    right now, i'm so lost.. and even though i really know NOTHING about databses (yet) - i get the impression using phpmyadmin is pretty simple..

    i know i need to create passwords, users, and tables and rows and stuff, "somewhere"..
    but right now, after hitting "create new database", i just dont know what to do.....

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    If you need to be handwalked through this I can help you by going through an example of creating a database and a table just email me. Do you know MySQL?
    phpMyAdmin is very large and I only picked it up because I was familiar with the basics of databases(but I'm not an expert).
    Make your friend. Click on Documentation than click on MySQL Reference Manual .
    "Not really a newby just thought the name was cool ...."

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