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Thread: dreamweaver's "temp paths" - how do i preview php code changes in browser?

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    dreamweaver's "temp paths" - how do i preview php code changes in browser?

    i'm just starting to add php to my website, and added a simple "include" code to some pages.

    i'm used to hitting F12 to preview changes in the browser.

    when i open the php the files from the brower iteslf, the code works fine.

    but now in that i've added the php, in DW when i try to "preview in browser" (F12) i get errors casue the path is wrong.. it starts pointing to a "temp" dreamweaver version of the file.

    sure, i can always just switch over and view my files directly from the browser.. but it screws up my work flow.. i've gotten quite used to hitting F12 or shift+F12

    is there anything i can do to get DWMX2002 to refresh the browser, and not show me a TEMP file..

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    hmm... i guess its the "PRE-view" in browser part thats throwing everything off..
    hmm.. and i guess this post kinda makes me look like a lazy b@stard..
    lol.. oh well, i'm a creature of habit.. hopefully there is some shortcut to "VIEW" saved changes in the browser(s) from dreamweaver..

    i dont want to be forced to hit:

    start/programs/fire fox
    start/programs/ Internet Explorer
    start/programs/netscape 6
    start/programs/ etc. etc. etc..

    everytime i want to see how the changes look, or see if the code is working!!

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