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Thread: PHP/MySQL assoc array, pulling data

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    PHP/MySQL assoc array, pulling data

    Hey guys,
    more php/mysql help

    Normally how I pull data from a single table is by querying the database by pulling all the data from a table where there's a specific ID or something, so it just seperates out what I need.

    However, this time I'm working with a table that it's impossible to pull data out that way. So if I did it the way I described above I'd have to make about 200 connections to the database, one for each row I'd change. So what I want to know is if there's a way to pull data from a table by fetching the associative array of all data under a table, and calling the data by identifying two columns of information to get the row I want.

    So that probably didn't make sense.

    Right now I pull data like this $myarray['column']

    But what I want to do is $myarray['column'] WHERE column1 = blah & column2 = blahagain.

    So does that all have to be done before querying the database, or is there a way to do it like I'm saying.

    Sorry that this is all over the place and confusing.

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    I am not sure of what you mean (To tired here)... but might it be that you are looking for something like this:

    "SELECT * FROM blabla WHERE column1='blah' AND column2='blahagain'"

    // Paul

    -- Bed time now.. time: 1.40 =S

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