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Thread: [Flash] Idea for way to preserve url/back button functionality in flash site.

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    [Flash] Idea for way to preserve url/back button functionality in flash site.

    Hello, I am new here and wonder if anyone can help.

    I want to preserve the URL and back button functionality of a flash based website.

    The way I see of doing this is to have each link open a new html (or more likely php) page with the flash embedded in it.

    I want to use the same flash movie for each time but it will read in an xml file for the relevant content.

    In order to do this I would imagine I would need to send some data to the flash movie from the page and I would have thought that via the object / embed params would be the way but as far asI can tell you cannot use custom paramaters.

    I also thought that just using one php page / flash movie but with the page address after the question mark would enable the flash movie to be cached and speed up load times.

    In summary

    Each link will reload a page
    Each page will be the same php page but be differentiated by the stuff after the ? (i.e.
    The php will then send that info to the flash movie which will use it to load in the appropriate xml file.Does this sound possible

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    Not sure if I am making it clear what I am trying to do.

    What I want to do is reuse the same flash file in the same location in order to minimise download time but dont know how to send data to the flash movie from the html / php page.

    I suppose the flash movie could make a call for the data from the php which would know what page the flash movie was representing by remembering from the ip address but that seems silly.

    Let me first clear something up.

    Is it possible to send a custom parameter to a swf movie from the html source code.

    Could I alternatively interrogate one of the inbuilt parameters from the flash movie (e.g. give the flash movie a certain bgcolor and the flash movie be able to detect what was set).

    If this is not possible I will have to have a seperate flash movie for each page (or the same movie but in different locations - I want to use xml to store the data as I want to offer the site as html as well, possibly other formats as well, but only edit the content in one document.)

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    Here ya go:

    That's an as2.0 class, but it can be implemented in 1.0 relatively easily : )

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    Ah, many thanks petefs, that looks like the sort of thing I wanted. Hadn't thought of using inner page links in that way.

    Tis better than what I had planned actually as it does not involve loading a different movie (or reloading the same movie) for each link which should speed things up and also allow for nicer transitions between 'pages'.

    Looks a bit complex and I have never used VBscript before but will have a go at playing with it soon.

    Once again many thanks.

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    I'll let you know how I get on if yr interested.

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    Just had another play with his example and have found that unfortunately the back button still does not work.

    Och well, you cant have it all can you.

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    Althoug on fuirther inspection he is aware of this and does say it.

    Also can use JavaScript instead of VBScript which I am nore happy with.

    Anyway, I'll stop thinking out loud here and bugger off and get on with some work.

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