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Thread: Chatting Aim Bot

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    Chatting Aim Bot

    I found a neat little aim bot trick to play on your friends. It's immature, but I thought it was funny. I gotta stop staying up till 5

    I read the TOS and Privacy Policy. It says they won't use your names for anything, but your email address is used...

    After each conversation that you activate, a copy of that conversation will be emailed to you. By entering your email on this website you may aslo receive an additional, yet occasional email from us or one of our partners. You do have the option after receiving one of these emails to Opt-Out of all the lists with one remove link. By pressing submit after entering your email you agree that you are Opting-In to our list. We will not send any massive amount of email to your account. We send about 1 email every 1-2 months. The CAB service is 100% against "spam".
    I don't care too much with gmail, it's a nice test I guess. It says only 1-2 emails a month, with an opt out. The joke was fun, so it was worth it.

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    aww, you cant have bots talk to other bots....

    Pretty cool though

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    You can have a chat in the site of the movie "Artificial Intelligence"
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    [08:55] YourMom10092: hey,w hats up?
    [08:55] nathan strang: hello
    [08:56] YourMom10092: what r u up to?
    [08:56] nathan strang: not much you
    [08:56] YourMom10092: im not that interesting, lol
    [08:56] nathan strang: what's your name
    [08:56] YourMom10092: I'm andy
    [08:56] nathan strang: what is you rproblem
    [08:57] YourMom10092: i dont remember anymore lol
    [08:57] nathan strang: go away
    [08:57] YourMom10092: aww... but I want to talk to u
    [08:58] YourMom10092: please talk, i'll be good lol
    [08:59] YourMom10092: uh hello? why aren't you talking?
    [09:00] nathan strang: Because you suck
    [09:00] YourMom10092: haha, has really funny pictures. have you ever been there?
    [09:01] nathan strang: no **** off
    [09:01] YourMom10092: was taht an insult?
    [09:01] nathan strang: uh.... yeah
    [09:02] YourMom10092: alrighty
    [09:02] nathan strang: alright then
    [09:02] YourMom10092: that's good
    [09:02] nathan strang: no... its not because yo are still here
    [09:03] YourMom10092: Ok
    [09:04] YourMom10092: Your not talking
    [09:04] nathan strang: i'm ignoring you
    [09:04] YourMom10092: me? no
    [09:04] nathan strang: you? yeah
    [09:05] YourMom10092: i'm gonna have to disagree on that one
    [09:05] nathan strang: well. fine but you suck.. goodbye
    [09:05] YourMom10092: im just sitting here being bored
    [09:05] YourMom10092: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting

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    Know what sucks about this 'joke'? If you warn the obviously annoying and spammy bot, the things gives you like three warnings in return. I never saw the fun of things like this. If you do want to have a life, grow up and invent your own jokes to play on your friends instead of a spamseeker.
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    Thanks that's very big of you to say that.
    But that is pretty annoying that it would warn you three times back.

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    A friend of mine did that once and i found out.

    I typed a huge paragraph insulting the bot (which I didn't know was one lol) and it instantly replied back with "aw, you are mean" and crap. Bot scanning text at the speed of light? I think so.

    //edit. that is one ugly site lol.
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    haha, my friend said that the bot wasn't replying right away, (well she wasn't sure if it was a person or a bot; it was kinda funny to act as confused as her about what it might be). But I told her how sometimes I think traffic causes bots to run slowly (although I don't know much of anything about bots). But she said it was taking time responding...

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    tetris: 3rd place, 4190 @ 5:32pm Aug 9 in 689 secs

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