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Thread: Making Links more obvious!

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    Making Links more obvious!

    Hey Kirupa,

    Not been at this forum long, but i really don't like the way that links are only a fraction of a shade different from the regular text! It's really not easy to know when there's a link, or if it's just regular text!

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    just use a user style sheet with a {text-decoration: underline;}

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    Are you referring to links in the site or the forums?

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    I think he means the site. I've seen several instances where users have posted links but others missed them and asked for a link.
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    Having an underline for the links made the entire forum layout look all underline-y, so I added underlines to hyperlink hovers instead

    edit: scratch the above. That doesn't help much, for if users hover over it, the mouse cursor should be enough of a warning. I'll try to think of something else...

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    Lets see how it works

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    Make the links orange or something.

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    how about red? hover to default blue, or default is current hover

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