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Thread: the most funniest thing in the world!

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    the most funniest thing in the world!

    In my gmail acount I never look at the spam area but today I did. and I found the coolest e-mail lol so funny so cute so rare

    not only am I not a CitiBank user. i am only 16 lol this is the biggest scam i think. cuzz they make it look real look at this.

    the e-mail was that image

    and the image linked too http://%32%31%31%2e%32%35%30%2e%31%3...78%2E%68%74%6D

    useing the magic gmail html org thingy on it shows the html

    <html><p><font face="Arial"><A hRef=""><map name="FPMap0"><area coords="0, 0, 648, 417" shape="rect" href="http://%32%31%31%2E%32%35%30%2E%31%30%31%2E%31%30%36:%38%37/%63%69%74/%69%6E%64%65%78%2E%68%74%6D"></map><img SRC="" border="0" usemap="#FPMap0"></A></a></font></p><p><font color="#FFFFFC">in 1951 Technology haven't seen in 1805 in 1938 Music Videos in 1866 Cheer up! You might put in 1814 I can't answer Nicole Kidman Don't go that way Should be allowed How's life? Isn't it lovely? in court?  let's forget @ in 1894 Web we are here in 1960 Skateboarding Magazines </font></p></html>

    HTML Code:
    <A hRef="">
    this is the code that makes it look as if it came from that site but its not. i am stel trying to find out what site its from so i can report it. once i do. these guys are done

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    looking thru my spam. looks like i found one for every bank. lol

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    looking through my spam... uh-oh... THERE IS NONE

    Member #1 of the "Don't message me your flash questions" cult

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    that sucks that there are in fact people like that out there always looking to rip us off!

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    looking through mine I got this bad larry on three out of my five (adresses) a few times

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    that site uses a trojan called "DSO exploit" faking addresses in IE, to spoof people into submitting sensitive data. if you clicked on the message (just for a laugh, as I did), run SpyBot and toss the Reg infection.

    edit: but who uses IE anymore, anyways???

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    i do

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    Hey, I use Spybot, and it doesn't remove that darn DSO Exploit... It keeps popping up after each scan...

    luckilly I use FF...
    site still under construction... going on 6 years now.

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