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Thread: having trouble, help asap

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    having trouble, help asap

    to preview my website for my band so far, click here. There's a button a user can select in my flash movie called 'MEDIA', once that button is clicked, a branch comes down with 2 more buttons. These 2 buttons are supposed to bring up different webpages once they're clicked...but they don't for some reason. I have no idea why. The movie is called (TellTarget), and the code for each button is:

    on (release) {
    getURL ("/njbestofme/lyrics.htm", "Main");

    for some reason tho it doesn't want to work. And I'm thinking it's because the movie clip (to show / hide the branch of 2 buttons) is targetted...but im not sure. Is their more code im supposed to add? thanks alot!


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    see if the ".htm" is in capitals and try wirting out the full code?!

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    What do you mean the name of the movie is "tellTarget"?

    if that's an instance name, I'm not sure if you can use it. Some words are reserved for Flash's a/s usage. It may be that tellTarget is one of those words. (though for some reason I don't remember seeing it listed)
    do you miss "ordered"?

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    oh no no no, i meant when you click the button MEDIA it TellTarget's a movie to play so the other 2 buttons either appear or disappear. the code for the MEDIA button to make this happen is:
    on (release) {

    Media_switch = (Media_switch * -1); //switch media_switch

    if (Media_switch == -1) { //if switch is turned off
    tellTarget ("MediaShow") { // hide switch
    gotoAndPlay (9);

    if (Media_switch == 1) { //if switch is turned on
    tellTarget ("MediaShow") { // show switch
    gotoAndPlay (2);


    MediaShow is the movie clip that hides or displays the other 2 buttons. And it works fine the butons show and disappears appropriately. it's just the buttons will not take me to a website when i click on it like it's supposed to. The only code that i have for the buttons that appear and disappear are:

    on (release) {
    getURL ("/njbestofme/lyrics.htm", "Main");

    i used this code for all my other buttons and it works, but for these 2 specific buttons it doesn't work. and im thinking it's cause im TellTargetting the buttons to show or disappear. It doesn't make sence it should work i don't see anything wrong with my code. If anyone can help i'd appreciate it!

    click here to see website again


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    does someone have the solution to tihs problem??


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    help help lol

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    Can you attach the source so that I take a look at it? Or send it to me if you don't want to display it on the forum

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