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Thread: What is the Jeepers Creepers creature??

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    What is the Jeepers Creepers creature??

    I saw portions of the first movie yesterday on regular tv and have never been interested because I thought it was just some dumb slasher movie.

    Anyway, it wasn't too bad from the portions I saw. This brings me to my reason for posting.

    What the heck is the creature? My theory is, he's a gay Gargoyle.


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    don't know for sure about that gargoyle, but he's gay allright

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    Like they said in the movie hes some type of evil deamon thing.

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    yeah sorta like a evil demon thing that sorta has the face features of predator.(jaw kinda expands out, you see it at the end of one.)

    "jeepers creepers were'd ya get those eyes." umm.. hang on, i shouldnt sing that........ahhhhhh

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    I watched it again, I still think he is some sort of Gargoyle rather than a demon. Definitly one of the strangest creatures I have seen in a movie, with his strange attraction to men and boys.

    I haven't seen anything as strange since the movie Humanoids from the Deep. Those creatures were bent on impreggnating human females and I thought that was weird.

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    yeah and not to mention knows how to gay is that. That is still the all time worst movie I have ever seen. I left that movie desperately seeking my money back.

    shane-c....Your site is a lot like a transvestite in that respect.
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    I Wonder if it woulda laughed...

    from its perch on our barn roof had it been called "gay"? I know I wasn't chancing my 255 Grain 1100fps solid Bear Loads against any part of it, so I simply bowed my head and told our dog "oh. So THAT's why you won't go outside!" as we both slowly backed back into the house. Only differences between the movie critter and what we saw was ours didn't have a coat, hat, pants, shoes, nor did I notice any hair - and the chest and abdomen on the thing squatting on our barn bore a striking similarity to the belly scales on a gator. But the rest is way too spot on to be mere imagination. I've also been calling it a gargoyle. Haven't seen any other "name" to describe what the Hell was flying around the place in the 80s.

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    Interesting points, Neil.
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