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Thread: My site thingy...

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    My site thingy...

    hey..i have a site up and has all my experiment type things on also open source so if u see anything you like I will try to get it to you.

    I dont have a domian name....cant aford one at the moment hehe ok so heres my site

    Please tell me what you think...

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    Hey Bezzer you don't want to know what your name means in French...
    Nice site! Clean design, nice colors, everything's cool. And there are some very interesting experiments (the bubble thing doesn't work right by the way: the bubbles disappear before they have reached the top of the screen) (I love Information highway, where can I download it?).

    Last smoke by Ilyas : yesterday at 11:45 PM.

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    because of restricted space on my web server (10MB) if you want anything I will upload it and then give u the adress...i have to say though that my experiments arn't properly comented and stuff like that so if u get stuck just tell me hehe

    its pretty basic but it gives a good effect

    tell me wot my name means in french hehe

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    oh and the bubles disapearing before they reach the top is when the "pop" i could easily fix it though.

    hehe cya

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    I send you a PM...
    Last smoke by Ilyas : yesterday at 11:45 PM.

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    very cool site - I liked your experiments. One thing the picture that you describe in the gallery never appeared for me. One more thing too, I didnt see in you links section!
    Well done.


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    Yeah i used to focus more on 3d/2d graphics but now i'm doing flash stuff more. My 3d pics are gonna go up some time but im trying to think of a way to minimize file on dial-up so i dont like my site being very big.

    Oh and i'll add to my links

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    hrmmm forgot to include my email
    i dunno i can only hope

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    Hehe i dont think i have much of a chance... oh well theres allways something next week....hehe something like that

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    nice job on the site

    ur site is nice. organization is great

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    Thank you for all your coments

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    Great Site

    Awesome site. i love the clean look and the experiments are hot. Great job all round.

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    Thank you very much I sites not really an eye candy though, which most of the sotw's are...really all i was looking for is a place to show off my experiments and stuff like that... hehe oh well

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