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Thread: Splinter Cell:PT Ranking System

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    Splinter Cell:PT Ranking System

    I found this on it really cleared up tons of things about splinter cell online and its screwy ranking system. If you play this game online I STRONGLY urge you to read this carefully it will help you extremely

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Scoring and Game Modes:

    Brought to you by: "Cmdr Spanky" Thanks AGAIN!!!


    Splinter Cell, if you haven't already noticed, is all about balance in the
    multiplayer modes and the scoring system follows the same rules. Alot of
    people believe playing against level 1 characters when you're level 3 will make
    you lose points. Some believe when they break someone's neck that they'll lose
    points as well. Lastly, there are those who believe when the moon is full and
    aligned at a 45 degree angle with Mars that they'll lose points on every game.
    As obviously wrong the last reason is, all of the above mentioned scoring
    theories are myths.

    Scoring is based on the following factors:

    1: Game mode. There are three game modes. If you play a particular game mode
    too much you'll start getting less and less points, you'll even start losing
    points for no obvious reasons (thus the crazy theories on scoring). Here's an
    example 90% of you out there will have noticed assuming you've reached level 3.

    When you first started playing ranking games on neutralization, and won, you
    got about 10 points. But, once you reached level 2, you noticed you got less
    points for your efforts when still playing neutralization. You experienced
    endless frustration, when reaching level 3 that all you got for your hard hard
    work was a crappy 5-7 points per match, and minus 10-30 for losses.

    This example highlights the imbalance of your score. If you play a particular
    mode for too long, you'll start receiving penalties for playing it too much,
    making it difficult to increase in ranking. You'll find that if you switch to
    Sabotage, or Extraction, that you'll start receiving avg. 10 points for every
    win, and you'll stop losing points. Essentially, Game mode plays one of the
    biggest roles in how you are scored. Once you've played these roles to balance
    all the points you've received in neutralization, you will start getting points
    in neutralization again. I'll provide more information on the different game
    modes below as I've been doing my best to keep the three balanced once I
    learned this.

    2: Lives and timer. That's right, you will receive a few extra points (or a
    few lower points) based on how many lives you have left and the time it took to
    win the match. This applies to both the Mercs and the Spies. I ran several
    experiments to test this theory. In a match where it took just under 3 minutes
    to win as spies, we received about 2-3 extra points. In the same game, same
    players, we purposely let the timer drop to 3 seconds. We received 2-3 less
    points for doing this. Your lives also play a factor as well. If you finish
    the level will all your lives intact, you get the same bonus as above, to a
    maximum possible score. IE: If you do the match in 3 minutes, and have all
    your lives, you can still only score so many points. So, you can finish a
    level with 2 seconds left, and have all your lives, and essentially, the
    penalty of time, and bonus points for perfect lives will cancel out each other.

    3: No one likes Quitters. And Ubisoft made sure they make quitters feel the
    pain. Whenever you quit a ranking game, you will automatically suffer a 20-30
    point penalty in your next game. Even if you win, you will still lose 10
    points for quitting the previous ranking game. So all you level 3 players and
    up who are so concerned with your points, it's better to take a 5-10 point loss
    instead of quitting and ruining the game for everyone else. There is a way to
    circumvent this penalty (no, it's not by turning off your XBOX) but I'm not
    going to post it here. I don't like quitters either and I like to make sure
    they continue losing points for it. Once you play with me a few rounds, I find
    you to be a nice guy, I'll tell you how to avoid the penalty. I've also now
    noted that it has occurred that at higher levels (6+), in some instances, that
    if your teammate quits, or the host returns to lobby, that there is a chance you
    will suffer the same penalty as if you yourself had quit a ranking game.
    Quitting in higher ranked games can cause everyone in the room to suffer
    penalty. This is just my personal opinion, but I think Ubisoft has done this in
    an attempt to deter higher ranked players from obtaining alot of points from
    lower leveled players. Since this discovery, I now try to only play matches
    with a minimum level limit of 4. The level gap restrictor in the server set up
    doesn't appear to work though, so generally people are asked to leave my rooms
    and then they are booted. My apologies for people trying to join my rooms to
    play with me, I'm not a jerk...really, I'm not.

    4: Your level. Level 1 players don't experience the same penalties higher
    levels players suffer for things. A level 1 player won't lose points for
    finishing a level with just a few seconds. A level 1 player won't lose points
    for quitting, nor will they lose points for continuing to play neutralization
    over and over. However, as soon as a level 1 player goes above level 2, they
    will start receiving those penalties. Just because you don't receive those
    penalties, doesn't give you the right to quit out of ranking games if things
    aren't going well for you. I suggest staying in the game and learning from
    your partner who is still alive. You just might learn something from them that
    you didn't know. Lower leveled characters receive a bonus for obtaining
    victory over a higher leveled team. This bonus most definitely applies when
    both members of the team are higher than the other team. For example, two
    level 6 players taking a loss against two level 2 players will generally lose
    about 10-15 points, while the opposing team will gain about 10-15 points. On
    the flip side, if the level 6 team wins, they'll get significantly less points,
    which is probably due to Ubisoft trying to get players to match up against
    players of equal rank. As I find other players willing to experiment with
    different combinations (ie: both teams having a low level and high level
    player) I'll update this section. The over all level of the team may play a
    factor in the point rewards.

    5) Team Balance. I've now also tested and have confirmed that your play
    balance between Mercs and Spies also plays a part. My play time as spy is
    notably higher than my time as a merc. This is mainly due to the fact most
    people quit as a spy once they run out of lives. Currently, with about a 5
    hour difference of play time with spy to merc, I get about 2-5 points for
    winning as spy, and 5-9 points for winning as merc. Now, the point difference
    may either be :
    a: the result of imbalance in the hours I have played
    b: you just simply get more points for playing the less favored Merc team as an
    incentive to pick them over spy.

    Also, as a piece of advice for all you point crazy players, if you want to even
    up your Merc time without Spies constantly dropping, I suggest you tell the spy
    team that if they DON'T quit, that you will allow them to continue playing as
    Spies for as long as they stay in the room. This social engineering tactic has
    worked for me so far, assuming I have a team mate who wants to continue playing
    Merc with me. Plus, it's usually easier to win as Mercs, although sometimes it
    takes a little longer. Put the map repeat up high (3+ games) and you'll find
    yourself getting alot of points for consecutive wins (assuming you win).

    So recap: (all assuming your game mode scores are in balance)
    -You will not lose points from playing with/against level 1 players *I say
    play with them and help them learn the game
    -You will not lose points for breaking a mercs neck or killing them in general
    -You will not lose points when you lose

    *to check the balance of your score, go to ranking, and view your score in each
    game mode.

    This section may be updated as I do more experimentation. The map you play on
    may also be a factor for your score. For example, if you play Warehouse too
    much, you may stop receiving points for that level until you start playing the
    other maps. I haven't had a chance to test this theory out as I usually play
    all the maps equally. The above scoring rules have been tested (and verified)
    by myself (Cmdr Spanky).

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    Yeah, that is extremely helpful gh0st.
    Me and you play all the time, and we keep getting screwed over by all this stuff we don't understand... Thanks again

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    Yeah Ghost that helped alot now I can start making people play farily and not do stupid things like quit all the time.

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    I guess we are the only splinter cell gamers on right now
    but anyways no problem

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    I play Sp, just not online...

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    I just picked up a copy of SC - PT

    Didnt get a chance to spin it up yet. Maybe tonight.

    I am so excited

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    Its a great game maybe add me or grinch to your list and we can show you the ropes

    GamerTag: DaRKShAdOw080

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    You got SCPT!!! Sweet man! R63 was getting a little old, so thats great you got scpt! Oh man that's great, we got to play!
    Plus a new patch came out yesterday

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    Ive played Grinch before in R63

    I am sure he is just as good at SC-PT

    Send me a friend request:

    "FESTER 8542"
    (with the space and caps)

    I will tear into it when i get home at around 5:30 EST maybe I will see you guys on.

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    You couldnt have chosen a better time to start! Many/Most of the players cheated to get higher rankings so sometime next week the ranks will reset everyone to 0 points! So its good for you because you have about a week or less to learn the game and get good then reset and everyone will have the same amount of points. I am a level 7 right now but Im still happy to see it go because now everyone will be the same and I have an oppertunity to get higher on the rank charts (I started late so people had higher levels than me) but now without cheating and everyone starting over...I have a chance

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    I never get too interested in rank and server stats.

    I guess I would if I had more time to dedicate. It seems as if every time I turn on my xbox to play or watch a flick grinch is on.

    I wish i had that much time to play

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    Im level 8 in Splinter Cell now!

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    Oh Fes,
    You haven't even played one game man. Come on bud, we got to play. I know I'm on a lot! Hehe, but hey, are you saying I was good at r63? Appreciate that.

    But go on this weekend ok? WE GOTTA PLAY!

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    Yeah I think you accepted my invite but I have not seen you online

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    Yeah I did accept your invite yesterday man

    I wasnt online. I am just getting a feel for the game first before I get totally schooled.

    Man this game is insane. So much better than the first.

    I have had it for a week and my first chance to play it was last night. It was killing me.

    I am on the train level. Soooo good. i cant believe the graphics. The lighting system is so perfect. Animals in cages that follow you with thier heads and bark at you.

    Brains on the floor you can shoot....

    I want to go home and play!!!!

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