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Thread: The basics of an RPG (role-playing game)

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    Yeah, I did that first with those tiles, but i didn't have a chance to understand! I didn't see where to put the script etc. If you could help me and explain a bit i would be greatful. Thx in advance.

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    Basically, almost all your code is going to go in the root of your movie - first frame.

    If you pull up my tutorial, page 6, you'll see that I have some variables defines right away:

    mvWdth  =  576; //this is just the Width of your Movie
     mvHght = 576;      //...and this is its Height
     tileWdth = 64;      //This is your tile's width - they should ALL be the same size.
     tileHght = 64;      //...and your tile's height.
    After that, you need to define all your Tiles:
     tile0  =  function ()  {};
     tile0.prototype.pos = 1; //this is the Frame Number that the picture of this tile is in.  In my example, this is my Grass tile.
     tile0.prototype.barrier = false; //Grass is not a barrier, so this is false.
    Each of your tiles should have a similar declaration, each with a different number (tile0, tile1, tile2, tile3, tile4, etc...). Generally, 'pos' is 1 higher than the tile's number.

    I'll add more in a minute, have to run out real quick.

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    okay... but i havn't photoshop so i dont know how big my tiles are bacouse i made them in paint

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    I used paint to make mine, as well... Go to "Image > Attributes", and it will tell you the size.

    Okay, so once you have all these tile declarations, you can make your map, which should look just like what my tutorial shows, except use your tiles. For instance, if "tile0" is a dirt path tile, that you made, then everywhere there's a "0" in the map matrix, it'll display the dirt path picture, and treat it as whatever you have "tile0" set. You want to make you map matrix be big enough to hold your tiles. So, if you plan on making tiles that are 10 X 10 pixels, and you want 20 tiles across, and 15 tiles down, than your movie has to be 200+ pixels wide, and 150+ pixels high, and your map matrix should be something like this:
    Keep in mind that this is all based on your setup.
    Let me know if this makes sense, so far.

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    Thank You!!! I know now everything! But the bad thing is: I am at my mother's house! I cannot work! But now it make sense to me.

    EDIT: Now i'm going to the other computer and gonna work with flash there, but it's just Flash 5. It works, right?

    Coming back soon
    Last edited by RyxiaN; December 20th, 2004 at 01:36 PM.

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    Well, at least until Kirupa gets the next 2 pages up on the site.... then all bets are off...
    Good luck, and I hope you post your game eventually.

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    where is your tutorial? can you link it because i need it

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    You can find it here:
    For some reason, it seems like my server is acting up... I'm not at home, so I can't really check it.

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    But it doesn't work at Flash 5, right? Because there is no "Export for ActionScript" in the "Linkage..."

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    Um, what are the options under "Linkage"?

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    Export for Movie
    Export for Movie Clip
    No Linkage

    I think!!!! I dont have internet on my flash computer...

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    I think that the linkage thing is new to FlashMX2004. You can download the 30-day demo of MX2004 from

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    but I like just MX But i can just download 2004 (not trail) on DC++...

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    Just want to keep a ***** [Five Star] tutorial alive!

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    if DC++ is what I think it is from the context of that you need to see this:

    Quote Originally Posted by lostinbeta
    Despite that fact, a serial number given by erain would tell you what to do with it.

    Unless your serial number is an illegal one. And if so.... I think it's been made pretty clear that talk of illegal software here is highly frowned upon.
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