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Thread: The basics of an RPG (role-playing game)

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    no that isnt what i wanted. when the arrow keys are down the character will start moving his arms and legs like he is walking. wjen you let up on the arrow keys i want him to stop swinging his arms nd legs

  2. theres a diffrent thread on this
    Skype Me?
    hitTest on my system does 4250 hitTests in 1/12 of a second.

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    which one

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    I am trying to get it but i am fairly new to AS.

    onClipEvent (keyUp) {

    What is wrong with this code

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    Well firtly you don't need the root, that makes it look for an MC named this
    onClipEvent (keyUp) {

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    how do you make it

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    what do you want

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    Maps, flash, FPS games...
    Actually it's on keyup. If you did it on key down it'd play the animation while the character is moving. But, yeah it points in the right direction. On key up (left/right/up/down) you gotoAndStop(theFrameYouNeed).

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    hey lucas92 change you're footer dude, maximum size allowed is 300x60 !!!

    Imagine - your footer on a 800x600 screen takes more than half of the screen !

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    Can anyone show me how to use the items

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    Can someone PLEASE finish this and make it christ...when you try to step on a hotspot to go inside a building, nothin happens and those stop moving codes dont omg

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    Liek OMG try do it yourself I was only givin you a basis to work off of

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    "Give someone an inch, and they'll beat the other mile out of you with it."

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    walking through walls still


    hey i tryed that anti walking through walls thing on my guy, but it didn't work. Do u know what i may have done wrong???
    and i jave my own map, do i have to do extra script for each building.

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    Oh god, this is full of people who really do not know what they are doing.

    Anyway... just use an "else" after whatever function you use for movement... eg,
    if(Key.isDown(*whatever key*<LEFT>)){
    //movement stuffs
    } else {

    Simple stuff.

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