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Thread: New $20 bills in Photoshop CS

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    New $20 bills in Photoshop CS

    I hope this is the right forum for Photoshop questions.

    I work for a company that creates Multimedia Computer-Based Training program for Bank employees. In September, a month before the new US $20 Bills were released, I created graphics using Photoshop 7.0, of the new bills. These are used in programs that talk about spotting counterfiet money, being able to recognize the value of a bill on first glance, knowing about the new security features contained in it, and so on.

    We recently upgraded to Photoshop CS. I have read news stories that stated that there were some problems using images of the new $20 bills in Photoshop CS. Today is the first time I have had to access these graphics in Photoshop CS, and I am unable to copy and paste the master image of the bill that i have into other graphics. I box pops up stating that "This application does not support the unauthorized processing of banknote images." There is a button to click for more informaiton, but it is a dead link that leads to a Page Cannot Be Displayed screen.

    So I guess I've got 2 questions, first off, is there a way to LEGALLY get Photoshop to allow me to modify these graphics, as it is hindering my job by not being able to use these graphics anymore. AND is there a way that i can see this website so i can get more information?


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    As far as i know the whole $20 bill problem is due to the Central Bank asking Adobe to build a feature in to reduce counterfeiting. It's a whole sub-program dedicated to detecting bank notes, and I don't think there's any way around it. I'm not sure how the program works - it must reading a specific part of a note or something. You can always get an image off of Google.

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    well, i already have an image of the front of the 20, and the back of the 20. both fairly high res.

    luckily i made most of the graphics i needed to use the new bill for with photoshop 7, before we upgraded, but when the new 50s and 100s come out, then i will have a HUGE problem, becaues i won't be able to create these new graphics using photoshop, i will need to learn fireworks or some other photo editing software.

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    don't use Adobe products for that.

    Use Fireworks, or Paint Shop Pro.

    Personally, I don't think it is Adobe's place to try and help the Secret Service against counterfitting.

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    Let me ask a friend about a way around that. He just made a pretty amazing replica of a bill using CS. I overheard him talking about the protection you mentioned, but paid it no mind. But I will ask

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    Hmm, I agree Rev, that is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.... if someone is going to counterfeit money they are aren't going to give up because they can't open it in Photoshop.

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    Lol that is quite funny, I mean that there is such a system in photoshop, I wonder how it works...

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    If your company does this, why don't you contact Adobe.

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    hmmm... this is interesting... maybe there is a "code" or something in the $20 bill that tells CS that it is a banknote image.. where did u get the image btw?

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    smells fishy... lol

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