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Thread: The Design Process. Photoshop or Illustrator?

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    The Design Process. Photoshop or Illustrator?

    Would it be wise to design my site layout in illustrator instead of photoshop? I have never used illustrator cs before, but am I correct in thinking that i could design my site in illustrator and then import it into flash and in flash be able manipulate each part of the design (buttons, header, text etc...)?

    Or maybe i should just design it in Flash (but i find the pen tool pretty lacking, and was thinking that illustrator might be better).

    And, although illustrator is a vector program, can i import bitmap images into it?

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    if you want everything vector, go for it! If you're more comfortable
    using Illustrator's pen tool over flash, use that. And yes you can
    import graphics into illustrator.

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    Ok, i would use flash but the pen tool is driving me crazy! every time i switch off the subselection tool it adds all these point to my line automatically. Is there any way to stop it from doing this. It makes in completely impossible to do anything with the pen tool. Photoshop doesnt add any points and if you go back to mess with the line with the pen tool, it only has the anchor points that you put there...

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    I've had good luck with the Clipboard between Illustrator and flash. If a shape is at all complex, I draw it in AI and just copy/paste it over. Just make sure it's RGB.

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    I'm just trying to draw a fairly simple shape, but it requires a lot of adjusting the anchor points tangent lines to get it just right. But flash keeps adding anchor points all along my line. This is the most rediculous feature I've ever seen, there must be an option to turn it off.... no?

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    And for simple stuff, would freehand be better for me to use then illustrator. If this flash pen annoyance cant be fixed then i am gonna get one of the programs.

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    I'd personally use illustrator for logos.

    I recommend photoshop for site layouts and templates and designs. PS is just more satisfying and there's no limit to design .

    Do what you're more comfy with tho .

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    Ok, i have a jpg of some patterned paper i scanned, and i need to use the pen tool make it a certain shape that has a lot of curves. I guess i can do this in Photoshop with a vector mask, and then save it as a png and import it into flash... um yeah that sounds fine, i guess ill do that.

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    Photoshop. Your options in this program are limitless, and you can always TRACE > BITMAP > PIXEL > 1 if you need something vector.

    That's what I do, it's easy and effective, and I get the results in Flash I want, rather than having to deal with the designs dictated through vector software.

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    I prefer to use Photoshop for getting to grips with layouts. More filters, easier controls to get something down quickly. If what I want requires vector, then I'll take it into Illustrator afterwards, work it out from there.
    - Kit

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    i use Photoshop to make a nd design the layout for the site as a whole... for the more detailed parts, i use CorelDraw for the shapes and other stuff and then copy the vector to photoshop... CorelDraw is pretty powerful when it comes to logos and complicated shapes... i mean the pen tools of flash doesn't even come close to that of coreldraws (IMHO)

    i have never used Adobe's Illustrator dunno why... just got comfortable with Photoshop and CorelDraw thru the years...

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