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Thread: My footer game!

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    My footer game!


    I think I have had the same footer game for long enough so I what to make a new one.
    So I need ideas for a new footer game. It has to be game that you can just do you know a in-between thing.

    So any ideas are welcome


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    Well you know what would be the best thing in the whole entire world in the whole universe footer ever?! (haha, long sentence)
    You should make a Tetris footer!
    Tetris would be so extrenley great, I'd play it for hours!
    But thats just my idea
    Or if not that, you could do one where its like a 2d action game.
    Like metroid? That would be complex, but its just another idea.
    I hope this helps! thanks


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    Well Tetris will not work because is has to fit is a footer and to have the block come in from the side will be too weird.

    A good platformer would get too big in flie size.

    It can be a new game all together too.

    Keep the ideas coming


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    an archery game

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    yeah but which?


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    oo oo how about a game of pong

    pong is the best

    make that footer

    o yea... and how do you add a footer to your acount

    cause i dont know

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    Make a game with a little guy and you have to jump from platform to platform and they break under you, and you keep going in teh time limit.


    Make a game where you keep running and you gotta dodge stuff like rocks and shizlay.

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    unfamiliar with that word

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    junahu's Avatar
    sin(X + 90) + cos(X) = 0?
    You can make a platformer under 15kb. I thought my Mrlight footer was rather nifty once you get over the mouse only controls.

    I'm planning on finishing off my lemmings footer and using that (it's far too glitchy to be anything but a footer).

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    Ya know... ive played so many of those old texas style bottle shooting games, but they never get old, you already have the basic script for it so I dont think that would be a bad idea.

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    BlueBoots's Avatar
    Dr Marten cured my ill...
    You're only limitations are the file size and the longer width than height.
    You could do anything! I think a side scroller would be nice, you dont have to do much in the way of graphics to keep it interesting either...
    Just a simple Felix the Cat type character or something, clean'n'easy.

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    sorry for fall of the face of the earth there I haven't felt like flashing or doing any thing latery.

    Thanks for all you great idea's
    I like aussy's first idea so I'am going to give that a go.


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