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Thread: Site Design Fees?

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    Site Design Fees?

    I have recently designed a site for the golf course I work at and was wondering if anyone could tell me how much you would've charged to make it.

    I hadn't planned on charging anything but they insist.

    It's pretty basic with the exception of a Flash calendar. Any advice on a price would be appreciated.

    Also, if you could give me an idea of price ranges based on including Flash or scripts that would be great (as I plan to eventually include a form).

    Thank you!!!

    Heather Hills Golf Club

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    Id on't now anything about that but if they insist (and because they're rich golfers) I would ask something about 75 . (thats about the same in $ I think)

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    I'd say roughly $85 american. Theres nothing incredible about your site, but where pay is due, pay is due

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    Originally posted by Colin Campbell
    I'd say roughly $85 american. Theres nothing incredible about your site, but where pay is due, pay is due
    ehh i dont knwo about $85, that won't even cover webhosting. i'd say about $4-500

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    Yeah of course if he had to pay the hosting too but I don't think he had. If it's for the designing only I'm sure 75 $ will be enough!

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    I'd say charge by the hour, take what you want to charge as an hourly wage and multiply it by the number of hours you worked.

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    Originally posted by Colin Campbell
    I'd say roughly $85 american. Theres nothing incredible about your site, but where pay is due, pay is due
    You're kidding right?

    I'd say at the very least $400 and that's taking into consideration that they're you're employers and this site was done kinda like a favor.

    Think about how much money they'll spend on a newspaper ad that only runs for a day?

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    Hey guys, thanks for the replies.

    I was personally thinking around the $200 range which interestingly enough, falls between the 2 extremes mentioned. So maybe I'll stick with that and see what they say.

    I can't charge by the hour because I hadn't kept track. I just worked on the site when I was bored or had time. But I am curious as to what any of you charge on an hourly basis.

    I have nothing to do with the hosting, but they will be looking for a new host in the next few months. I have looked at a few options and Media Temple looks like a good choice at the moment. Have any of you dealt with them and how was the experience?

    Once again, thanks for the input!!!

  9. #9 is also very good, depending on what you need and the number of visitors you are expecting.

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    $200 sounds good, depending on whether you're hosting or not. It also depends on what you want for it. You didn't seem too willing to accept lots of money, sorry for the low estimate

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    Sorry but what are you trying to tell ous here, colorpixels? These links... This topic was just made to ask ous how mutch he should ask for making the site.

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    lol. Maybe those links are actually his signature.

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    Signatures have the line to separate post from signature, so he definitely posted the links

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    I presume that the people talkin about 75 euro or US talking about a price per hour, because when you mean 75 for the job I'm affraid that in a couple of years we will have a lot of homeless people in the world because nobody can pay the rent. Just make an estimation of how many hours the job took you and charge about 50 US or euro an hour
    I believe it when I see it

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