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Thread: Help me

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    Help me

    alright say that you have a game were a block goes back and

    fourth and if the block hits a wall it will stop and just not move in

    that direction. how would i do this.... thanks in advance

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    its actually really easy

    assuming the movement of the block is actionscripted and the wall is a mc with instance name wall, just use the hitTest function on the onClipEvent handler like this

    //code for stopping the mc here
    //for example speed=0

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    Please use better titles than "Help me"
    Wait, what?

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    Originally posted by Voetsjoeba
    Please use better titles than "Help me"
    For the Love of God!
    OMFG! :@
    DARN AS'ing!
    I've had it with this game!

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    alright so how would i be able to make the move clip stop when it

    hits the wall...something like this...


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    if that is not right please help

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    its not right

    you have to have a variable that controls the speed

    say u previously had


    you add to the enterframe

    speed = 0

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    alright i got it to work thank you all for helping

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    u r welcome.

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    Hay everyone! I'm kinda new and need help I was trying to do basicly the same thing but Flash came up whith the error:
    **Error** Scene=Game, layer=1, frame=1:Line 37: Statement must appear within on/onClipEvent handler
    And I need some help on what to do.

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