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Thread: N-Ary tree

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    N-Ary tree

    Hi board,

    I need to display a n-ary tree. Does anybody have an implementation or logic to position the various nodes?

    The tree can be arbritrarily huge.

    Currently the nodes are library - movieClips and added to the _root using attachMovieClip and the connectors/edges are done using lines. The tree is not being displayed as of yet its just adding to nodes at random positions and drawing a line between them.

    Help. Any other stratergy to display the tree could also be used but the nodes should be draggable more precisely a node can be dragged and dropped into another node.



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    I would like to help but i dunno what you what to achieve.

    maybe you can show what you all ready have


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    You would get a better idea if you see

    That is a 2d model but the nodes are all around. I want to do the same thing but the child nodes are always below the parent node. The physics aren't necessary.


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    randomleeway = 10
    spaceing = 20
    this._x = (Math.random()*randomleeway-randomleeway/2)+ParentNode._x;
    this._y = (Math.random()*randomleeway-randomleeway/2)+ParentNode._y+spaceing;
    some thing like that?


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