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Thread: 3ds max - cannot put material to scene

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    3ds max - cannot put material to scene

    I can't put material to the scene! For like every cool tutorial I see they have me look for something like "reflection lake normal" or some other thing. For one, I look everywhere and I can't find the "reflection lake" stuff and when I imported my own image, I couldn't put to the scene! What is going on??? And they say this is easier than flash...

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    lol... whos said it was easier than flash? ... guess that all depends on how deep you go with the two applications....
    Now for the material. Not knowing max well but i assuming that it is a reflection map texture or something like that....... if thats the case it should be in your 3dmax folder, maybe you havent installed the textures? or the path to your texture arent right to wait for a reply from DDD and the other Max users to be sure.

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    reading again your msg , have you been able to put any textures to geometry yet? Have you tried simple textures.. like just change a colour , just so you can see if it works. other wise it sounds like your app is playin up if you cant place any textures on geometry.

    again wait for confimation... hehe

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    That 'reflection lake' map sounds like one the default ones that are included with max. If you don't have it, it's just a jpg file. You can find a similar one on the web I'm sure.

    You say you're trying to import your own image, but you can't place it in the scene... How are you selecting the image, and how are you trying to put it into the scene?

    To select the image you should go into the material editor and put a bitmap material under the diffuse slot (you can select the path to the image there).

    To apply the image to geometry you select the mesh, open the material editor and click on the icon "Apply Material To Selection". That will apply your bitmap to the mesh (how well it appears depends on the UVW mapping... but thats a whole other can of worms).

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    Also, you might want to try a quick render. i found that some mat's won't show up until you do a quick render. But as Soulty said, try just a simple map first to see if it even works. If it doesn't, then maybe the maps were not installed...which would be wierd. Also, be sure you are looking through the entire of those little radio buttons on the left side.

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    You don't 'put a material to the scene,' you place a material on an object within the scene. Not sure if that's the problem, but the general process is one of creating the material properties in the Material Editor, then assigning that material to an object in the scene. After selecting a scene object, click the 'Assign Material to Selection' button (third from left in the editor) or drag the sample slot over the scene object and release. To see a preview of the material in the viewport, click the 'Show Map in Viewport' button (fourth from the right in the editor). This won't be a perfect preview, just approximate. Reflection maps, for example, won't show in the viewport.

    The 'lake reflection map' is probably one of the standard reflection maps that ships with MAX. To assign a reflection map, open the Maps rollout. Check 'Reflection', then click the 'None' button next to the Reflection slot. This opens the Material/Map browser. Select the 'Bitmap' material type. Navigate the the Maps/Reflection folder under the MAX root folder. You should see some files like 'Lakerem' and 'Lakerem2'. If not, there is something wrong with your install.

    You may have already gone through most of these steps, just had problems assigning the material to the scene object.

    Try a test render to see how it looks.

    Hope that helps.

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