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Thread: Grunge?

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    I geuss this is what you lot would call grunge. I was just playing with some photo's i took a while ago then thought it would be good to add into my Pattern range. This is what i ended up with.


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    Hey thats cool
    wonder what that says????
    very nice

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    Thanks snaxs... comments are much appreciated.

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    Very nice!

    Where did you get those brushes from? Cause I have the same ones.

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    hehe, nocturna by ant chance?

    looks ok, though a tad too dark, even for grunge...

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    Well i wasnt actually aiming for grunge so its as dark as i wanted it. But hey its too dark for grunge, what an upset.


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    Oh no no no, it's not too dark. I like it. Maybe just switch through the layer belnding modes on the grunge layer. Sometimes it comes out even nicer.

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    The star in the eye lookes wicked. That loopy brush over the face get rid of it. Every designer and his dog has that one form nocturn and you see it every where. I like the horzontal text running a cross the face but i'm not sure the newspaper add brush running on the angle looks so good the boarder on the right side of the face looks killer. I also like the color and the lighting on the face. Not sure if i like the title bar, the flat pixel look of it does't seem to fit the grunge.

    You could easily make a kick a$s wallpaper out of this. I really like what it is and what it could be great work.

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    Thanks for the comments guys/girls.

    I will have a play around with it if i get time and see what it looks like with the sintax changes...

    And maybe if your all super lucky, a wallpaper will be made... hehe


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    It will look super sweet man if you justify the face to the right side and fill the rest of the area with black. then you can put the icons in the black space. I'll use it as a destop jsut make sure you make a 1024x768 lol.

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    iLikePie's Avatar
    yeah, the nocturna brushes are used EVERYWHERE... and it's so easy to identify them... they look cool, but it's just too common now (imo)

    but a nice pic overall

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    Well what can i say... im common

    anyway what you wanted sintax:

    You can also delete the text at the bottom if you feel the need.


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    Nice man exactly what i wanted. Looks kicka$s.

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    Yeah, thats really nice work Starpromo

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