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Thread: Packing php files in apk file export

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    Robot1 Packing php files in apk file export

    Hi I have successfully been able to package an android app with xml files in flash cc but I'm having trouble getting the php files to work, is there a successful way to do this, do php and javascript files work at all within the apk packaging?


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    You might be able to get PHP files to run in your AIR app, but it would be exceedingly complicated. There's this project, PHP for Android, and perhaps you package that into a binary that you include with your APK, and address in Flash via a native extension.

    JavaScript is easier, since I assume that you can still use some sort of embedded WebKit in the AIR for Android (via an HTMLLoader).

    It's a bit unusual to try to adapt a Flash+PHP client-server model app onto a phone, to be honest. You'll likely be forging your own path if you want to avoid rewriting the server logic in AS3.
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