Hi there

What I'm trying to achieve is, when a user clicks on a button, a preview image is loaded from a folder to a movie clip on the stage. Then, when a user clicks a second button, the full size image is printed. My images are stored as 2036x2880 jpg's.

This is the code I have, which I have taken from various places around the web and sort of bastardized it to fit my needs......only thing is, I can't get the full size image to print in its entirety. I just get part printed of what's on the stage. I was under the impression that a movie clip could be printed no matter where it was and in fact, it was useful to have stuff printed from a movie clip off screen.

Here's my code....which is situated on main timeline (note I haven't attached the preview to a button yet, but that'd be easy to do)


// Simple MovieClipLoader example wrapped in a function
this.createEmptyMovieClip("preview", 1);
preview._x = 380;
function loadItem(itemSource:String, containerMC:MovieClip, scaleNum:Number):Void {
var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
var loadListener:Object = new Object();
loadListener.onLoadInit = function(containerMC:MovieClip):Void {
containerMC._width = scaleNum;
containerMC._yscale = containerMC._xscale;
if (containerMC._height>containerMC._width) {
containerMC._height = scaleNum;
containerMC._xscale = containerMC._yscale;
trace("Item "+itemSource+" was loaded into "+containerMC._name+
" and its Width = "+containerMC._width+" Height = "+containerMC._height);

mcLoader.loadClip(itemSource, containerMC);
// Usage Example:
// loadItem(itemSource, containerMC, scaleNum)
loadItem("image1.jpg", preview, 600);

// create the full size image loaded OFF screen to print.

this.createEmptyMovieClip("fullSize", 2);
fullSize._x = 200;
function fullLoadItem(fullSource:String, fullContainerMC:MovieClip, fullScaleNum:Number):Void {
var fullMCLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
var fullLoadListener:Object = new Object();
fullLoadListener.onLoadInit = function(fullContainerMC:MovieClip):Void {
fullContainerMC._width = fullScaleNum;
fullContainerMC._yscale = fullContainerMC._xscale;
if (fullContainerMC._height>fullContainerMC._width) {
fullContainerMC._height = fullScaleNum;
fullContainerMC._xscale = fullContainerMC._yscale;
trace("Item "+fullSource+" was loaded into "+fullContainerMC._name+
" and its Width = "+fullContainerMC._width+" Height = "+fullContainerMC._height);

fullMCcLoader.loadClip(fullSource, fullContainerMC);

// Usage Example:
//loadItem(itemSource, containerMC, scaleNum)
loadItem("image2.jpg", fullSize, 2036);

//print function
function PrintFunc(WhatToPrint:Array) {
var PrintQueue = new PrintJob();
var PrintStart:Boolean = PrintQueue.start();
if (PrintStart) {
for (i=0; i<=WhatToPrint.length; i++) {
//Prints Specific MovieClips


My Button code.....

on (release) {


Could some kind soul please help so that I can achieve the printing of the image at full size.

Thanks in advance.