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Thread: Any ideas?

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    Any ideas?

    Load failed: HTTP Status = 0
    Load failed: IO error: Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: file:///C|/xampp/htdocs/id3toxml.php?folder=SOUNDS/

    tried 100's sites with all differing solution

    I know its a setting somewhere, and I know my php and files are where they are supposed to be.

    so I defo need help guys ...

    thanks in advance

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    Registered abUser
    Php won't just run locally like that.

    Are you using some kind of local server such as wamp to host your file on?
    If not you will need to.

    would look more like
    blog (experiments and code)-> <-
    as3 helper/shortcut lib (v1.2) -> <-
    agal helper -> Clicky here <- UPDATED

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    yes I got xampp and the script had run in a previous flash project I was doing.

    so I have no clue

    oh ps xampp running apache .. so should work

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    Are you doing it over http now?

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    I'm just doing it with the fla and all other files in xampp/htdocs folder and xampp on and still get error ... so how do I change it to http ?

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    See what bwhiting said. You want to make sure you're accessing the path via http, not file. If you're testing locally, you'll want to use a full http... path. If you're testing through a web page run over http, a local path is ok because flash will use the websites path as a base (which would include the http).

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    yes I am usin xampp with apache turned on and load the index.htm all works apart from the list
    I even uninstalled flash player and reinstalled it but 0

    where am I going wrong ?

    plz help

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