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Thread: Need help creating a simple timer/counter

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    Need help creating a simple timer/counter


    I am currently making a simple timer/counter in Flash and have run into a little problem. I have a very simple set-up: 1 frame and two dynamic text-boxes. Also two layers (one for the AS and one for the text-boxes).
    I want the text-boxes to start out with their own number and count up from there. I've got the counting right, but right now they both start at zero. I want text-box 1 to start at "4 500 000" and text-box 2 to start at "2 600 000 000" and go from there.

    I am attaching the .fla - any help appreciated!

    Flash file:
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    This should do the trick:

    day_txt.text = "4 500 000";
    const dayStart:uint = 4500000
    var daycounter:Timer = new Timer(100,0);
    daycounter.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, dayCounter);
    function dayCounter(event:TimerEvent):void {
    	day_txt.text = (daycounter.currentCount + dayStart).toString().public::['toSpaceyFormat']()
    String.prototype.toSpaceyFormat = function():String {
    	return this.split('').reverse().map(function(e, i, a):* { return i % 3 ? e : e + ' ' }).reverse().join('')
    year_txt.text = "2 600 000 000";
    const yearStart:uint = 2600000000;
    var yearcounter:Timer = new Timer(1,0);
    yearcounter.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, yearCounter);
    function yearCounter(event:TimerEvent):void {
    	year_txt.text = (yearcounter.currentCount + yearStart).toString().public::['toSpaceyFormat']()
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    Thank you so much, Krilnon! I was in a bit of a deadline-squeeze here!
    It's been a while ... how is everyone?

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