So I have a navigation background bar that adjusts it's with to the stage and the height is defined in it's XML file. Now this works great, I'm trying to add a tiled image to the background. The image is the same height as the background graphic so it only needs to be repeated on the x axis. Below is my code, I feel something small may be off because it looks right but it doesn't want to work.

protected function _initMenuBg():void
            var size : Object = StageController.getInstance().getSize();
            var h : int = size.h;
            var w : int = size.w;
            _mainMenuBg = new Sprite();
            _mainMenuBg.alpha = 0;
            Tweener.addTween(_mainMenuBg, { alpha:1, time:tweenerTime, transition:"easeoutquad" } );
            var bgloader = new Loader();
            bgloader.load(new URLRequest("assets/images/nav-background.png"));
            var bitground:BitmapData = new BitmapData(bgloader.width, bgloader.height, false);
  , null, true, true);
            DrawRectUtil.draw(_mainMenuBg, w, _mainMenuBgHeight, _mainMenuBgColor, _mainMenuBgAlpha);

            container.addChildAt(_mainMenuBg, 0);