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Thread: Loop video but play audio once only

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    Loop video but play audio once only

    Hi there,

    I need to create a flash video for a website of a product rotating through 360 degrees - looping seamlessly. This will be 100 frames long. I then need to add a 500 frame voice over.

    I need to optimize file sizes so what is the best way to tackle this?

    Is there a way to loop the video with actionscript but not the audio? i.e. rather than extend and repeat the video phyiscally in the timeline inlind with the audio length - as I assume this will increase the file size?

    I'm using flash cs4 and only have basic knowledge of flash.

    Any help or actionscipt advice would be most appreciated.

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    ok - so will this be an actual 'video' or timeline animation? is the audio embedded in the video?

    i would suggest that you isolate the elements, and use code to play the audio as/when desired, and just let the video loop - BUT it would also be possible to play an FLV, etc and 'turn off' the audio on the second loop - however, if this is product related it may be suitable provide a button to allow the user to 'replay' the audio to listen again

    you could 'stream' either or both of these elements to a 'loading' swf file - then you have a lightweight front-end - but it takes a bit of coding to do so and could be done better in AS3

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    I'll try this and see how I get on - many thanks

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