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Thread: What makes you feel like you are at home?

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    What makes you feel like you are at home?

    I used to travel somewhat for work, and I never liked it because it wasn't quite home. Yesterday I was recalling one of my trips, and I got to thinking...what is it about home that makes it feel like...home?

    For me, it is my favorite couch!

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    Isn't it hard to answer? May be it's the attachment. So if you carry your couch with you, will you still feel at home? When I think about myself, it would be family, natural surroundings like trees, air.. the environment (?).
    If I narrow it down, then I would say family.

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    My daughter
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    My girlfriend and I lived in a new-ish apartment for a couple years, and then we moved into an older house with a lot of character. This house feels a lot more like home than the apartment ever did. For me, the character and feel of where you live has a lot to do with it - squeaky wood floors, weird locks that don't work, that type of thing. We also got a dog, which makes it even more "homey". Having an excited greeter every time you come home is pretty awesome.
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    kadaj - you are right. My couch wouldn't do that.

    My revised answer is the smell of my parents' home, the white lights in their lamp, and driving to a mall to go shopping with my mom

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    I can't really relate to all those things, we currently live in a rented home and have no way of knowing when we will be kicked out. That's why I replied with: my daughter offcourse also my girlfriend
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    i think I've lived a few places, over the last few years and non are really home to me i guess now i have a family, i like coming home hearing very little because my daughter is sleeping soundly and everything is well

    but the house isn't home to me i guess its just a house

    home to me is driving up the m6 (i guess only uk guys will get this), and getting to lancaster service station, its nowhere near home bizarrely but its that.......ahhh not far now feeling i still get it to this day when i visit my parents

    but actually in the house, home is a cup of tea on the sofa(couch)

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    My Desktop Computer.

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    For me, it would be my son and my mom's pork steak. I have tried my best to try to duplicate it but no joy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurapika View Post
    For me, it would be my son and my mom's pork steak. I have tried my best to try to duplicate it but no joy.
    How does it taste compared to spam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krilnon View Post
    How does it taste compared to spam?
    It is much better than spam I suppose. I rarely eat processed food except for instant noodles. lol.

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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?
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    My dog, knowing where everything around me has been and that it's (relatively) clean, things I like to eat are in the kitchen (like plenty of baked beans and spam), there's good water pressure in the shower with lots of hot water, I know how all the remote controls work, the thermostat is at 68 degrees at all times...etc. I think home is the sum of all the small things. I can still go to my old bedroom at my parents' house and feel like I've gone back in time 15 years.

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    I travel a lot to the West Coast for work and when I do, I'm a complete mess. First off, the time zone change completely throws me off. By the time I get used to the time difference it's time to come home!

    Nothing like a good ol' home cooked meal with the family, I would say that makes me feel most at home.

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