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Thread: Simple HitTest With Rotation and New Direction Problem

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    Simple HitTest With Rotation and New Direction Problem

    EDIT: Check second post!

    Hello. I'm having a bit of a problem with my script. I currently have a square that moves across the screen. There is another square on the stage as well. I want the other square to call a hitTest with the first square (that moves), which we'll give an instance of "hero". The hitTest should make the "hero" (or first square) rotation a specific degree (in this case 30) and then move him in a specific direction, either up, or down the y-axis or left or right on the x-axis. This is my current code, attached to my second square.

    _root.hero.rotate += 30;

    The code only says to rotate the hero, but it does not work - any advice? Also, how would I add something like I mentioned above, where the "hero" would also move in a new direction? Any help would be appreciated! The file is attached if any of you have questions on how it might be set up.
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    Okay, so I've gotten the moving square to rotate on a hitTest and to also move on a hitTest. Here is my current code attached to the moving square ("hero").

    onClipEvent (load) {
    this._y = 100;
    this._x = -100;
    speed = 2;
    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    this._x += speed;
    _rotation = 45;
    this._y += 2;

    I have one more question though. When I run this, the moving square moves rotates and does move, but only when it hits the other square. Of course this is because of the hitTest. How would I cancel the x-axis movement and only continue the y axis movement? Any help would be appreciated!

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