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Thread: Which is the best note taking & sketching device?

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    Which is the best note taking & sketching device?

    Which is the best note taking and drawing, sketching tablet? I tried Samsung Galaxy Note and I liked it. There is a bit lag in the drawing. Nokia N900 has an sketch app, but since its overall screen size is small, it really isn't convenient to draw on it.
    I'm looking at devices like Asus Eee Note 800, unfortunately it is not available. Another tablet is noteslate, but it is just some UI prototype.

    I'm looking for device that has the following features:
    1. Drawing, sketching (preferably colour).
    2. Since my first preference is for drawing, I need a good stylus with pressure support.
    3. Note taking. I'm really fond of writing. Think of me as a writer. So I'll have a lot of stuff to type, mainly my thoughts, journal entries etc.
    4. Reading e-books, magazines and comic books. Reading e-books (pdf, epub, etc) is very important to me.
    5. Expandable storage. Should have good internal storage as well.
    6. Good battery life. Writing notes, drawing, reading ebooks for a 24 continuous hours or at least 16 hours is desirable.
    7. Need a good web browser.
    8. Being able to program the device would be an added advantage.
    9. Price around $500 would be nice.
    10. Don't need phone functionality.
    11. Voice functionality isn't a big issue unless I go totally blind staring at dumb monitors.
    12. Able to archive (import/export) my drawings, and writings to an external storage drive would be great.
    12. Must be portable. Doesn't have to fit into a pocket or anything. I'll carry it in a bag.

    So do you know any device that suites my device description above? Or do you know any device which is better than Samsung Galaxy Note?

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    Just wait for the Windows 8 to release and we should be seeing a bunch of devices like the Series 7 Slate (pretty nice for drawing on). You are not going to see a nice device with pressure support, every OEM is holding out till the holiday time.

    The i3/i5 devices should be on the lower price point. OneNote and I'm sure we will be seeing some really nice drawing applications on the metro side of things.

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    I'll keeping an eye on Samsung Slate and Windows 8. I already use OneNote for my journal and I like it. However, at this point of time, it is hard to choose. Android and Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1" will also be a compelling option. Let me see.

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    You could take a look at some HP "laptops" they have a turnable screen which is full touch for you to draw on, or you could look at another device by HP which is purely made for drawing(can't remember the types/names atm) Or if you're willing to spend some money take a look at the wacom cintiq series
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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?
    Paper's cheap. And you can make airplanes.
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    Maybe getTimer() or TweenMax is the answer to your problem . . .

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    Seriously you should add a functionality where we can +1 replies like the one above xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCanadian View Post
    Paper's cheap. And you can make airplanes.
    Paper isn't very convenient. I travel quite a distance, and I carry my belongings (netbook, phone) with me. Say I write journals in paper, and draw all my pictures in paper, buy lot of paper books, it is very difficult to store, archive, carry them around and protect it from prying eyes.
    If I go for a computer that does all these, it is very convenient and in long run cheap. I can keep a digital library, organize and archive them easily. It will be with me where ever I go.
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