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Thread: When to use firstname or username or both

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    When to use firstname or username or both

    I’m a newbie, be gentle on me. Im following a tutorial series online and Im building a social network website.

    I want my member to sign up with their first name, last name, etc…

    Q. I’m confused when it comes time to use the firstname in my scripts and when to use username. I have firstname and username in myTable.

    Example below…

    <td align="right" class="alignRt"><div align="right">First Name:<span class="brightRed"> <span class="answerquestion">*</span></span>

    <td align="left" class="alignleft"><input name="username" type="text" class="formFields" id="username" value="<?php print "$username"; ?>" size="32" maxlength="36" /></td>

    Like algebra, its simple when you get it, I can not get it when it comes to this.

    Thanks in advance, Scott

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    I will provide an analogy, with some missing information (if you are curious as to my ethic for leaving something out, I will provide an explanation) - When I pay for _____ with a credit card, I have to provide my signature to authenticate who I am. Sure enough, I can hand-write my name as well, but I wouldn't necessarily call printing my name a signature. A signature requires ink, a writing-utensil, human-body-movement, and something to apply the ink-writing-utensil-combination to, in example; paper or paper-like materials. Sure, when being introduced, someone provides my name to another person, but it isn't a signature. In my experience, a username is like a signature, I could be wrong though...

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    If it is a social network, you might want to simply give the user to either use their username or real name. It really depends on what kind of a social network you plan to create.

    If I am a user an I want to get online friends, I will use my username but if I want to get in touch with my old friends, classmates, etc, I will use my real name.

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