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Thread: Google Maps problem ! Initialization failed: please check the API key, swf location,.

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    Google Maps problem ! Initialization failed: please check the API key, swf location,.

    Hi all

    I am using CS4 AS3. Google maps works fine when I ran it locally, but when I port my swf file to the domain ( I get the following error

    Initialization failed: please check the API key,swf location, version and network availability.

    I know that Google has depreciated Google Maps API for Flash and does not generate new APIs. But then again, how come it works locally???
    Is it a proxy problem at ?
    I even added map.url but no help.

    Below is the code for reference. Any help would be appreciated.

    var map:Map = new Map();
    map.url = "";
    map.key = "";
    map.sensor = "false";
    map.setSize(new Point(stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight));
    map.addEventListener(MapEvent.MAP_READY, onMapReady);
    map.width = 400;
    map.height = 300;
    map.y = 75;

    function onMapReady(event:Event):void
    map.setCenter(new LatLng(35.15447,33.37282), 14, MapType.NORMAL_MAP_TYPE);
    map.addControl(new ZoomControl());

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    One thing that could be causing this is the use-network compiler argument. Since the error message says someting about network availability you should probably look into that.

    I had a problem like this when I was making a website that read .txt files from the server. Everything worked like a charm when I tried it locally but on the server it couldn't find the files. This is because of the security sand box.

    I have never used any Google API's so I don't know precisely. Also, I don't know how to check compiler arguments in CS4, (I only work in FlashDevelop), but the lack of network availability seems to be the problem

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    I know it's a semi-dead thread, but hopefully this'll help someone out.

    I believe the API key is linked to the SWF location- building locally and then porting to the server changes the SWF location and therefore invalidates the API key. Looking for a solution to this currently, though with not a lot of success.

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    Just wondering have you solved this problem yet? I'm having the same issue with the site I'm working on

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