Hi there! This is my first thread here in Kirupa, but I follow this forum every time I have problems (it happens everytime ).
So because this forum helped me when I was in panic, now I want to contribute and share this little tool I made to convert a *.swf file in a spritesheet.
Now I know there's other tools out there that accomplish the same task: none of them worked for me. I store my art in symbols, and none of the other tools can access symbols and rasterize them. Also, they seem to be complicated (with "Capture" buttons).
So I decided to make a little tool that let me do the same task, but much easier.

  • Can access the symbol list of the swf file loaded.
  • Can also access the main scene of the swf file loaded.
  • It respects the position of the swf.
  • Can enable/disable children of every symbol.
  • Can export to PNG/JFK (JKF only supported with my framework)
  • Can preview the animation so you can look what it will looks like.
  • Can also change the framerate of the preview.
  • Can change padding/columns/rows of the spritesheet.
I guess this is not a complicated tool, but anyway, I'll leave some instructions:
  • First you click "Load SWF" and select the *.swf you want to rasterize.
  • The Symbol List will be filled with the available symbols on the swf file.
  • There's a special _main_ symbol that represents the root of your swf file.
  • When you click on a symbol, the Children List will be filled with the children of that symbol. You can click on the "Visible" checkbox below to make it visible or invisible.
  • To change the cols and rows of the spritesheet, you have special input boxes.
  • If you have missing frames, the Frame count will be red.
  • If you have waste space, the Frame count will be red, and also a stroke will appear on the spritesheet to help you determine the total waste space.
  • You can change the padding if you feel like it.
  • You have a preview that will tell you how your animation will look like.
  • When you are happy with your animation, click Export PNG, and select the name of the file.
  • You are done
This is still in beta, so please leave a comment if you want a special feature, because I'll work hard to make it happen.
There are some features I want to include:

Todo list:
  • Change the background color (right know it's alpha 0)
  • Access of children of children.
  • Rearrage sprites to maximize space (only available in JFK format).
  • More export formats.
  • Ability to center each frame instead of respecting the original position.
This is not open source, but I will release it if this get considerable attention.