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Thread: Tutorial: Arrays in JavaScript

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    Tutorial: Arrays in JavaScript

    Hi everyone,
    This is the happening place to discuss all things related to the Arrays in JavaScript tutorial.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kirupa in the tutorial
    While this works, in general, it isn't recommended any more.
    Perhaps ironically, the discussion that your link references kind of deconstructs the idea that using new isn't recommended "in general". Douglas Crockford's opinions and best practices aren't taken seriously by everybody. Brendan Eich, for example, can often be seen opposing Crockford's advice.

    In my opinion, [] vs. new Array is a non-issue, in the sense that I'd never feel the need to convert somebody else's use of one form to the other, and I've never seen anybody accidentally use new Array(5) to mean [5]. I've also never seen a situation where someone overrode Array. If it were to happen accidentally, you would not feasibly be able to continue working on your site/app without immediately noticing that related uses of Array were causing errors.

    I'm not happy with your decision to recommend against that use case, although I think it's a trivial part of the tutorial.

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    Noo doot aboot it, eh?
    I've found that 99% of "best practices" are 99% subjective.
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    Maybe getTimer() or TweenMax is the answer to your problem . . .

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    Kril - that is a fair point. I will describe both cases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCanadian View Post
    I've found that 99% of "best practices" are 99% subjective.
    I agree.

    Sometimes I comment on these tutorial threads because I feel like there should be more discussion in them.

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    I have edited the tutorial to mention both cases along with a blurb mentioning my preference for the array literal syntax.

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    What about the slice and splice functions? Especially the splice function might be of good use when using arrays.
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    Swooter - I will add that in a revision

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