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Thread: VideoEvent.COMPLETE is not working in cs5.5

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    VideoEvent.COMPLETE is not working in cs5.5

    hi, i have a proyect wich compiles flawlessly in cs5, i decided to ported to cs5.5 because air3 does not get installed in cs5. when i try to compile i get an error...

    1119: Access of possibly undefined property COMPLETE through a reference with static type Class.

    any idea or workaround about this not my project, i did a try in an empty project and a flv component and got the same....thanks for any help

    here is my test code in case it can help:

    var mivaina:FLVPlayback = new FLVPlayback;
    mivaina.source = "vidInicio.f4v";
    mivaina.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE , loopPlay);
    function loopPlay(VideoEvent): void{
    	trace("aqui, aqui");
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    i've found a solution without any sense....instead of VideoEvent.COMPLETE use livedocs is defined the first wat, even the snippets has it that way....

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    thank you !

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    Afrostyle same here

    I also faced the same problem and surprisingly when I change my settings to flash player 10.1 it start working fine... if I target 10.2 it spits an error

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