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Thread: DB sharding vs partitioning

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    DB sharding vs partitioning

    Hi there,
    I came accross DB sharding/partitioning and realised that i will soon have to implement that concept but i am looking for the right option to choose from as it is new territory here.

    Looking at it i would opt for sharding but is this really the way to go.
    In overall i will have a user table that will grow really big and each user will have their comments, posts, messages, followers etc...

    can anybody help me in terms of what i need and waht will be the best approach in terms of growth and reliability please.

    Thanks so much for any help,



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    If you want to implement sharding - try out ScaleBase. They shard your database transparently for you.

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    Thanks Liran,
    i will have a look at it.
    From hours spent yesterday researching i have the base of how to shard but i would like to achieve something like wordpress, wordpress multisite.
    Do they hold eg. 1million users into a db at a time,including all of users site data.
    in otherwords if i have a million user i will have almost 1million table too (from which comment and post are gonna be big).
    is it the right way of doing such thing? or it does not matter as mysql can handle more than that.

    Thanks again for your input, really appreciate it.


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    Hi Jerome,

    I think it's too complex to answer as a reply on a forum. Drop me an email liran dot zelkha at scalebase dot com - I think I can have some alternatives for you that will scale much better.

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