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Thread: Animation problem

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    Barcode Animation problem please click "yoğunluk haritası",

    this is a traffic density map, i developed it at 2007 with AS2 (at 2005 with as1) , now i will update it with as3, but becouse of animation i draw road lines and animation layer with hand not with code, but now i want to draw automatic with coordinates, but how? Becouse i have to use animation. If no animation i can draw road lines with coordinates easily. Map is coordinated, cameras and others layers cames with coordinates automaticity, but roads? Do you have an idea? Thaks, sory about my english

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    anything welcome

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    whats the problem

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    Hi Yba
    I might not really be qualified to give the best answer here, but as your response rate is zilch, anything will help.
    If I was to tackle this, the classes I would be using are the drawing.API and the XML classes.
    All the roads would be in local x y coordinates stored relating to the map.
    So simplistically :
    Your constructor for the map, would read the XML, (x0,y1,linestyle,init_val, type), then use moveto and lineto to draw the roads.
    The linestyle can have the animation within itself as a bitmap loaded from data.
    - I'm sure anything you can draw by hand maybe reproduced in AS3,
    BTW: the reason Id use XML is that you can alter it as you wish, and easily connect it to other information feeds when needed. Im unsure how dynamic this of yours is, but you could be altering it in realtime to show traffic flow, problems etc.

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