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Thread: how to instantiate sound from shared library?

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    how to instantiate sound from shared library?


    I'm building a shared library of sounds, but am having trouble referencing them in code in the swf that needs them.

    First I built the built the library and clicked 'export for runtime sharing'.

    Second I built another swf, went to file > open external library, and dragged and dropped the sounds I need into the new library.

    Third, I tried to reference it in as3 the way I would normally:

    var mySound:mySoundClassName = mySoundClassName();;

    and I get two errors, a 1046 and an 1180.

    So my question is: how does one instantiate a sound item from a shared library in AS3?

    okay, so I have a hack that works: I created a movieclip in the swf that contains the imported sound. I can reference this movieclip as needed and it'll play the sound. But this seems sloppy and impractical considering how many sounds I need imported in this swf. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Thank you, Creatify!

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    A follow up to the sound library question:

    The swf that I'm loading the sound library into has a loader on it. And there's a pretty big pause before the loader appears.

    I don't have any assets exported for use in frame 1, so that isn't the explanation.

    My question: Does the shared library have an impact on the speed at which a first frame loader appears? Is it just like you had a bunch of sound files exported for use in frame 1?

    Is there any way to use a shared library without this issue?
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