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Thread: Half-Life 2 source code leaked / release date pushed

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    Half Life 2 Source Code Leaked

    Which is a shame. Very highly anticipated game. ad&name=News&file=article&sid=665

    Half-Life 2 Source Code Leaked, Seriously
    Posted by: Pyroman[FO] on Thursday, October 02, 2003 - 11:02 AM EST

    So I know what you're thinking. "Yeah right Pyro, it's really just more suprise gay ****" but its the real deal. The source code for Valve's Half-Life 2 has been leaked to the net. An anonymous GWJ reader has verified this is real.

    I can confirm that this is indeed no fake ... The thing is available as a torrent download on the net. I don't know how much action they will take against people downloading this. ... The last edits are from a month ago (in the files). If this is fake, it is a **** good one. It looks very coherent. Over 100 megs unpacked source

    There's still no official word from Valve and I haven't seen any other sites pick it up. There isn't any word on who leaked it either and from what I have heard the source doesn't give it away. Hopefully when this gets out in the open Valve can work with its partners to figure out who did this. Let's also hope it doesn't delay Half-Life 2 any further.

    One things for sure, this can't be ignored. Those in the know already have it and they're probably working on their first cheat right now. Legitimate customers are the ones who need to know about this as they are the ones that will get their machine potentially broken into when they go online. You can't warez with month old source code, all it's good for is exploiting others in multiplayer and allowing crackers to make better cracks. Customers need to know that there are cheaters out there right now with the full Half Life 2 source code, if this is true.
    Sounds like it opens up window for hackers to take advantage of the game... to what extent I dont know, but there is (from what I understand) a multiplayer mode which might blow if people are exploiting the game there some way due to a leak of source like this.

    Heres a thread from

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    as if hl2 needed more cheaters out there.....this sucks big time. They have to delay it. I cant see how not. I know I would not buy it under the current circumstances....such a shame. Probably a disgruntled girlfriend or boyfriend is the leak.

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    Nabbed, then stabbed Phil in the back!
    These people are embiciles. There's probably not ten people there that could even spell and polymorphism and they're all measuring dicks. One guy actually wrote this...
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
    printf("Hello World!\n");
    return 0;
    That looks like some hardcore ctrl+C -> ctrl+V'ing to me. I guess he showed them how to code. What an l33t haxor. Idiots.

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    awligon's Avatar
    Nabbed, then stabbed Phil in the back!
    $5 usd says this guy couldn't compile a list of reasons to get out of bed.
    Thats like, beyond ...everything.
    The leak, and the files themselves, it's ****ing amazing.

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    Originally posted by 3d-iva
    Probably a disgruntled girlfriend or boyfriend is the leak.
    I don't think there is a girlfriend in this world smart enough to do that.

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    and it is a big shame that it got leaked. I was looking forward to that game . I bet valve is fricking furious.

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    That is a shame. Despite all the work Valve put into this highly anticipated game. I hope these people get found and are burned to the stake.
    ...teeming with souls shall it ever be...

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    awligon's Avatar
    Nabbed, then stabbed Phil in the back!
    What people? Probably only one person leaked it, then thousands have the source now. 99% of those wouldn't know a program if it bit them in the face. I agree that it sucks for them, but everyone acts like it's the end of the world.

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    awligon - all it takes is one guy to get the code who knows what they are doing to ruin it for others. He can create some kind of mod or patch or anything for download to give all these guys unfair advantages... it's not good at all. Any idiot can run a mod or patch if the instructions are clear enough.

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    I agree with sureshot. Sure hundreds of people will download the source and the chance that they accually do something with it is very small but someone will and that someone is all it takes.

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    awligon's Avatar
    Nabbed, then stabbed Phil in the back!
    I realize that. I'm not ignorant, simply stating that, yes, it sucks but it's not as bad as these kids are making it out to be. They've pushed back the release to april 15 of next year I believe and i'm sure that will give them plenty of time to clear up any obvious flaws that are easily exploitable. For the others, the people that are good enough would have found them anyways. I realize that they can take the code and create ways to cheat, and also that if indeed the entire engine that they've worked so hard on has been leaked, then they're out some money for that but it sounds like the third world war has broken out on those forums. it's pathetic. Also, i'm not standing underneath you, so please don't talk down to me.

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    I think there was some mention of blame being directed to ATI... possibley from something similar that happened with UT, not sure.

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    woooooah there awligon - I know this is the internet and you cant here the way I am talking but in no way what so ever was I even CLOSE to "talking down to you" I would never do that.

    You are absolutly not "ignorant" and no you arent "standing underneath me/us" I agree with you - that there is a lot being made outta this. I was just stating what I thought. Trying to have a conversation. I respect your thoughts on the subject as much as I do everyone else's - prolly more so than most as you know what you are talking about.

    Please don't feel offended.

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    awligon's Avatar
    Nabbed, then stabbed Phil in the back!
    point taken, didn't mean to snap at you. Many people are just smartasses and you get up to your eyeballs every once in a while.

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