I am trying to access the display properties of a MovieClip that extends a custom base Class. I'll try to break the problem down as clearly as I can:

ē Iíve created a base class (called PageBase) which extends MovieClip

ē Iíve created several MovieClips in the Flash IDE, along with a custom class for each (called Page_1, Page_2, etc.). The custom class is listed in the Class field of the MCís library properties dialogue box. No Base Page is listed (my understanding is that I canít use Base Class when the MC has a custom Class). Each of these custom Classes extends the base Class (PageBase) rather than directly extending MovieClip.

ē When I instantiate one of the MovieClips in my Document Class, everything appears to work properly and I can access the super class (PageBase)ís properties & methods when I set their access specifiers properly (i.e. using protected instead of private, etc.) from within the custom MCís Class (e.g. Page_1).

ē The problem is that I seem to be unable to access the display properties of any MovieClips within the dynamically-generated MovieClip (i.e. access the alpha property of a button within Page_1).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I can provide source code, but itís pretty lengthy and spans several .as files. Let me know if thatíll help.