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Thread: YouTube player api - Quality not working

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    YouTube player api - Quality not working

    As title suggests, the player doesn't seem to respond to any quality changes.
    Every time I trace out the playbackQuality it always gives me "small".
    Any thoughts on this matter?

    private function onPlayerReady(e : Event) : void {
                this.player.removeEventListener(YouTubeEvent.ON_READY, onPlayerReady);
                this.player.setSize($w, $h);
                this.dispatchEvent(new Event(Event.INIT));
                // Play or Queue the Player Object
                this.$play ? this.player.loadVideoById(this.$id, 0, this.$ : this.player.cueVideoById(this.$id, 0, this.$;
                this.player.setPlaybackQuality("hd1080"); // this doesn't seem do s***

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    I've traced out the available quality-levels and all I get is 'small' although I've tried with several youtube clips what has HD quality, srsly wtf is this?

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    Seems like it started working again for no apparent reason, weird... maybe they were doing some kind of update.

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